Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kites and Shelduck Young - Great Morning

Am on holiday this week so not much time for Blogging, just time for birding.  Saturday had a half day out with Sedgedunum Warbler as he had to go home to pack his underthings for a holiday in Kent commencing on Sunday.  So here are a few pics from "around the doors" as we didn't have time to do any long distance driving.

First of all a few more Red Kite photos from the same place as last time, just can't get enough of them

On to Thornley Woods where not a bird was to be seen so popped into the Feeding Area and put a few bits and pieces out and within minutes we had Nuthatch, Robins, Coal Tits (including a young one), Nuthatch, Jay and the inevitable 2 Grey Squirrels.

Then off we went to Shibdon where we were not expecting much and we were not disappointed but did manage to watch a Wren having a good old look around from a "Bullrush" before departing within a couple of secs of my camera being pointed in its direction


A final stop on the Tyne (North Side) as we sat and disposed of a Macedees Latte and raising our genuine cardboard cups to the kind person who had left a Tenner, lying on the ground, for us to partake in a relaxing, refreshing break.  The wind was very strong and enabled a few Kittiwakes to just hold themselves against the wind for up to 30 seconds at a time, it was great viewing and we said as soon as we finished our Lattes we would go and get a few pics, John couldn't wait and headed out to get a closer view but didn't take his camera then when I had finished I got my camera and went out just in time for the last Kittiwake to vanish.  Just as well really as I am sure you have had enough Kittiwake pictures by then.  We headed for the car to head home but out of the corner of my eye I saw a bit of movement along the beach but the bushes were in the way so off we went along and sure enough there was the 15 "Birds of the Day".  We stood and watched them for about 10-15mins as they battled against the ebbing tide and they ended up practically across the river onto Timber Beach.  Amazing little things, especially the individual who kept away from the main bunch and was diving and swimming around like it was an adult

And of course the inevitable VIDEO
At Least I got the YouTube video link working again

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