Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Storyboard For New Blockbuster on Location at Gosforth

Once upon a Time Mammy Mallard brought 5 young babies into this world.  All was well until the babies started reducing in numbers and eventually only one was left.  At this point Mammy's head was turned by a Dashing Daddy Mallard and as the surviving Baby Mallard was a bit of a hinderance it was eventually chased off.  The said Baby Mallard was very clever though and started looking around the pond to see what the other ducks were doing and started copying them in order to survive.  A few weeks later this Mallard is now doing what any Mallard Pochard would do and is diving for his food, staying completely under for at least 20 seconds.

Nice Family

Only 1 Left (sob sob)

Mammy and Evil StepDaddy leave

Learning to Dive

First Successful Dive

I'm a very Pretty Poch Duckling Now 

Look at the Wings on ME

Lets hope this Duck manages to overcome all the trials and tribulations that will be set in front of him and grow up to be a beautiful Swan Mallard

Story idea by Paul Christian Anderson
Screenplay by John Spielberg
Filmed at Gosforth Nature Reserve
Best Boy (45years ago) and 
Technical Advisor Keith Cochrane Darwin 

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