Monday, 10 June 2013

Red Kites and a quick visit to Howdon

Couple of nice pics on John's Blog of the Red Kites so thought 
I would put a couple of mine up as well

Meanwhile back in Sunny Howdon the Mute Swans eggs had at last hatched producing 5 Cygnets although there was still an egg left on the nest.  They seemed to be enjoying the sun but I wondered whether they had walked from the nest to their new location or used the tunnel.  

Here are a few Gulls at play

Plenty of other birds around including Tufted, Curlews, Shelducks, Moor Hens (with chicks),  Stock Doves, Mallards and of course plenty of Gulls including the delightful Kittiwakes, managed a count of at least 20. 

Time for bed, dosing off after a hard days work
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