Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Down South (OK Alan I know the ticks dont count for BW down there, but...)

John and I headed South on Saturday for the first time for a couple of months.  We started off at our normal 06:30 but as we headed South the weather seemed to be getting a bit worse, contarary to the information proveded by that organisation we all pay money to for the privelege of receiving said information.  When we returned I actually looked at the Met Offices forecast which did state that the weather would be not too good in the morning but would brighten up in the afternoon.  I even have the Met Office Widget on this blog but decided to look at the BBC instead (Oh Fool That I Am).  We couldn't stay too long as John had a hot date with a nag at 15.30 (or something like that).  After stopping off at a couple of places on the way down we ended up at RSPB Salthole where we partook of a Large Latte and some Toast and Jam which we lingered over as the rain was coming down but sitting there watching a Great White and Little Egret from the comfort of the Cafe was outstanding ly good.  This was also coupled with the furious activity on the Sand Martin Bank and the general bird activity which was also great.  So here are a few pics of the day.

A Lonely Ringed Plover

The Star Bird of the Day

Standard Pose, Inadequate Photographer = Bad Record Shot

Don't know why but this picture reminds me of someone
just lazing around with their hands in their pockets

The Sun sort of popped out a little bit for this shot
(the only one I got before it flew off)

This pic is a Great White Egret which took off for a quick fly round
but this is still the closest it came.  It should be easy for you experienced
birders to tell as I have been out with a few who when looking through
scopes at dots in the distant and proclaim it to be a something or other
where I just see a dot.  Oh how I envy their experience and knowledge

We then headed off home for John's date intending to stop a couple of times but by this time
the sun was out and also men, women, children and four legged creatures so we headed back

Back at home I sat in the garden with my Bird of the Century
and watched some more mundane birds, but when one can
sit with a Cup of Ringtons Tea, a biscuit, moggies at your feet
watching Starlings, Jackdaws and Blue Tits only feet
away then life can't get much better.

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