Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Black-tailed Godwit at Big Waters

A message from Alan J and a great picture of a Black-tailed Godwit at Big Waters had
me nervously waiting for 15.30 so I could shoot away for a lifer patch tick then a call from George
at Shibdon that the Little Egret was showing well outside the hide and the light would be good for a picture.  A quick call to the beloved to say that would it be OK to delay dinner whilst I visited both places and would it be an inconvenience which might cause dinner to be burnt if I came even later if I got further delayed.  She said that she had never burnt a Salad but would try hard to if thats what I wanted (She's an angel).  Quick stop at Shibdon but the Little Egret was sitting high in the trees on the Island so will pop back there when I finish this blog before going to work this morning.  Up to Big Waters but couldn't see anything from the Car Park so headed up to the main hide and suprise, suprise Alan J was keeping watch ready to call us if it flew off.  Also there was Graeme B and then Keith B also turned up.  It was also a lifer patch tick for Keith but the other two waxed lyrical about ones they had seen in the past, many years ago I think but am still awaiting for the info of Alan of the exact date.  Anyway here is a couple of pictures of said bird plus a short video cos we all know how much Alan loves a good "fillim".

and the Pathetic video production (with sound muted as a lot of chatting was going on)

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