Wednesday, 10 July 2013

More Titbits from Big Waters

 Once again too much birding/dragonflying meant I have neglected the blog so here are a few tit bits mainly from Big Waters.

Five Oystercatchers on a flying visit to Big Waters

Another drop in by 3 Tufted Ducks

Common Tern feeding an offspring

One of the older Common Tern young stretching his wings - Won't be long now

A young Goldfinch sits patiently without a care in the world, it just watched me as 
I walked underneath the branch after taking its picture

An obliging young Chiff Chaff demonstrates its balancing ability whilst
trying to snaffle a couple of insects but didn't seem to want let got
of the branch

An unusual visitor to the Feeding Station

An absolutely delightful young Great Tit

A female Roe Deer wandered round the North Scrape for about 5 minutes
and as soon as I turned the video off it bounded across and leapt the
fence at the back clearing it easily (I was impressed to say the least)

One of the four Lapwings taking a turn patrolling the scrape
in order to chase off anything that intrudes on their territory

A Reed Warbler trying to escape Mr Nikon 

A young Grey Heron which seems to have been forever present
on the Scrape for the past couple of weeks and does its best
to chase of other Herons which pop in, even the adults

Finally the pair of Mute Swans at Little Waters have shown their
offspring at last.  Five Cygnets, still quite young and despite going 
there just about every time before and after visiting Big Waters for
the last 3 weeks Graeme B spotted them a couple of hours after I had
caught a glimpse of one of them through the thick reeds on the island.  
I popped down afterwards and they were all out having a wee paddle.

Next Blog will have a few wee beasties in it :=}
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