Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cumbrian Beasties

On Saturday Mr Sedgedunum and I headed up to Scalesby Moss hoping to get some views of the White-faced Darter.  We arrived at about 7.45 and took about 50mins to get to the site where we were intending to get settled in before it warmed up but as soon as we got within 20m of the pools we had spotted a couple already along with 4 Spotted Chasers.  It was glorious weather and 5 hours without seeing another human (and that includes John) was an amazing bonus.  As soon as John sees Dragonflies his mind just switches off and he is in his own little dreamworld and then when he spotted 2 Larvae fighting (Have now been informed they are a Hawker Dragonfly (Aeshna or Anax species)but not fully identifiable as the head has been devoured being  by a Great Diving Beetle larvae) underwater he went absolutely gaga shouting at me to get pictures (think his camera was still in the bag, as usual) which I promptly did.  Its great watching him as he is oblivious to everything around as he concentrates on each individual dragonfly and seems to mentally communicate with them, I wish I had taken a video of him as he seemed to make friends with a 4 Spotted Chaser and knew exactly what it was going to do as he did a running commentary on which other dragonfly (at times he didn't even know I was there so was obviously talking to himself) it was going to chase and when it would return to its perch (kindly supplied by Atkinson Lumber Co.)  Anyway that's enough of the boring writing and wittling on so on we go with the boring photographs.

Two Larvae fighting underwater

Whilst we were there an unexpected visitor dropped in, a Banded Demoiselle

Finally, as usual, a film of the blogs main subject, with a bit of fisticuffs included at the end

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