Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Oh No More Bloody Seagulls" I Hear A Couple of People Say

Sunday morning I headed up to Big Waters slightly later than usual due to the bloody weather.  The "Gang" was already there and for once I was last to arrive.  The swim walk was out of the question so we waited in the main hide for the weather to send us a few waders.  The only 2 new ones that arrived were Common Sandpipers and they flitted between the North Scrape and the Island.  We spent an entertaining couple of hours watching but unfortunately no more waders showed.  As usual the birds that held our attention for a while were the Water Rails with an adult in moult parading and preening in the channel in front of the hide.  

Of course I have included a small video of the above Water Rail "having a good scratch"

Also I managed to catch a picture of the "Peanut Thief" despite all the protection
they managed to whittle down a full feeder within a couple of days

On Monday morning I headed down to the Tyne Bridge to check on one of my favourite birds, the Kittiwake.  Lots of young reeling around the skies with their parents still paying attention to them.

Finally a small compilation video of the Kittiwakes

In defence of the Blog Title I will repeat something someone said,
"You Cant Have Enough Pictures of Kingfishers and Little Owls"
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