Thursday, 1 August 2013

Portofinos between Big Water and Shibdon Visit

Wednesday morning a quick trip up to Big Waters where I bumped into Graeme B who was just leaving.  Quick visit before work I thought but he had been there all night after seeing a Hobby the night before.  Might try a very late night myself one night instead of an early start.  Alan J arrived at his normal time and we watched for a couple of hours then I had to head back to town for a Work Lunch.  It was quite a good day with the highlight being the sighting of an Emperor and a Southern Hawker although no pictures.

Emerald Damselfly (there were quite a few around)

Chiff Chaff

Dunnock (eating god knows what but I think it could be a Bee?)

A Female Roe Deer 
(wandering across the North Scrape with 6 Gadwall chicks in the foreground)

Reed Warbler
(doing what they do best - Warbling in the Reeds, not flying around the Feeding Station)

After my Work Lunch I headed up to Shibdon after a phone call to George S who told me the Green Sandpiper was still around although it was still a bit distant (thanks mate).  Got there just in time to see it fly across the front of the hide after a few minutes then it just kept flitting from place to place. 

Just put this in to show size comparisons

Also on the pond where 4 Snipe and a Water Rail kept showing itself for a few seconds at a time

Finally, as usual, a short video of the Green Sandpiper
(Quite a decent one if I say so myself)

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