Monday, 26 August 2013

A Common Patch Lifer (Well I Thought It Was)

On our weekly Sunday walk around Big Waters yesterday, whilst the rest of the North East was seeking out Warblers without shoes, insect eating ones with spots or without and Woodpeckers that look like dinosaurs we stuck with a bit of patch birding.  The highlight of the day was not the Pintail, Owl or the Sandpipers we saw but this little beauty (Now known to be a Juvenile Smooth/Common Newt and not a Common Lizard)

Alan J, who was the one who spotted it, said previously that a certain dog walker had mentioned that she had seen Lizards in the area where we found it but we had never seen any in Big Waters himself at all despite its reputed "Commonness".  I had seen a few before but this one was tiny and very "yellow" as you can see.  Ian D said it was the smallest one he had seen.  Unfortunately I only had my long lens on the camera and had to back off quite a way to focus but I will definitely head back there to try and get some better shots

After departing from Big Waters Sedgedunum Warbler and Myself did pop along to the competitors patch to see their Fab Duo.  See report on Gordon's Blog

(Sun behind the clouds in this pic)

(but plenty of sun in this pic, lovely colours)

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