Friday, 23 August 2013

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Evening

A short trip out to Big Waters with The Treki Fan was ticking along quite nicely and we were enjoying a nice relaxing evening just gazing out at the pond when in flew this little beauty

Yes, it in the picture but it was on the North Scrape.  It stayed there for about 5 minutes then flew across to the main scrape alighting next to a Teal and then put its head down for a few minutes.  It then started to get a bit agitated with the movement from the birds that were coming in to book their places of rest for the night and moved further away but at least I then got a couple more bad shots of it

Eventually the movement was too much for it and it shot off back to the North Scrape taking a bit of a circular route which I was following in the bins and when it landed it was just next to a Snipe, another new one for the month.  Once again look hard you will see them.  Must get myself one of those Canon things with a 50x zoom then I can stand as far away as Gordon does and get birds that are recognisable. (Sanderlings)

We then headed back home and I was sitting eating my pasta and salad by 19.30, a thoroughly enjoyable evening

Last night I tried my new (second hand) Tamron 70-300 lens which I purely got for the macro function which you can engage between 180-300 and stuck it on my old Nikon D70 and took a few pics.  It was a bit fiddly but I started getting the hang of it and was soon photographing some of the 7 Peacocks and various whites that were in the garden.  A bit more practice needed I think.

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