Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Greenshanks at Shibdon

On Tuesday morning I headed to Shibdon for 90mins peace before work.  I hadn't been in the hide more than 10mins when I spotted 2 birds flying in from the direction of the Airport.  It wasn't till they reached the edge of the pond that I realised they were Greenshanks.  Didn't have time to grab the camera to catch the landing but the light was still bad anyway.  They landed a bit to far for decent photos but it was still great to see them close up through binoculars as they are a most delightful delicate bird.

Managed to grab a quick few seconds video of them as they waded about 10m then flew off to the extreme West side of the pond.  All told they were on the ground for 45seconds maximum.

There was also up to 5 Snipe around the pond but very elusive and quite far away, this one being the nearest

Meanwhile back in the garden at home this particular Starling hangs onto the Fat Ball Feeder and defending his place against all allcomers quite fiercely which makes me wonder if the injury to his mouth was caused by one of his competitors for the best place at the table

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