Monday, 2 September 2013

Spotted Flycatcher on Tour at Big Waters

Early Saturday morning at Big Waters I a Spotted Flycatcher landed on the newly trimmed trees by the scrape at Big Waters.  I told the others, Charlie S and Alan (the Blyth Spartans fan) and they got a couple of pics as it was a bit long for my little lens but eventually it did get within range (well sort of).  It did a tour round before getting chased off by a demented Chaffinch.

This looks a canny place, wonder what the menu is like?

Not Much Here

Nor Here

Even looking through my Wide Angled Eyes I still can't see anything

Now this is nice look at all those yummy flies
(Must tell all my mates about how nice these scrapes are kept
but to be aware of the Kingfishers as there must be lots around
as there is loads of perches for them)

Well thats it, I'm Offski
(Not putting up with these demented "its my patch" Geordie Birds)

The order these photographs were taken has been changed to enable the Storyteller to tell a Story (if you can call it a story, personally I think its a way of covering up his inability to get any decent pics on the day) WHO SAID THAT I will personally ban him from my lovely blog, says the Storyteller.  (Storyteller looks around for the Big Stick but somebody must have taken it to keep his hand in at teaching)

ps, thanks to Charlie Syme for the last photograph
pss, the Flycatcher did return later on to allow Alan J and Ian D to see and tick it for the month
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