Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Life Is A Bitch

Not enough time in the day to write a lot, work commitments, home commitments and being a bit of a lazy sod preclude this so threw up the few pics below instead.  Got up at 3:20, wrote a reference for someone, finished off a picture book for a friend, waded through the 150 pictures I took at the weekend and wittled them down to 15, paid my car tax online, paid my utilities bill online, looked at some earrings that Carole dropped subtle hints about for Christmas, wrote this small blog, made my breakfast and fed the cats then settled back to watch an episode of Mock the Week, now its time for a shower  and make Carole's breakfast then off to work arriving there at 7 stopping at Macadees for a Latte first.  Could only manage about 30mins of the walk at Big Waters on Sunday as I had other commitments similar to the above, life is a bitch but then hopefully I will be retiring in less than 2 years HOORAY

Godwits in the surf at St Marys

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