Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Golden Day

Out with John A yesterday for a morning trip to St Marys.  No time for a full blog but just time to put a couple of pics up of one of cutest birds you ever see, the brilliant Goldcrest.  Weather was bloody wet, dark and cold but with the help of  ISO in the Thousands at times you can get pictures that look like the bird and take only 5 seconds of post processing, quick crap crop, 1 tad of sharpen, 1 tad of  brighten/darken and photos fit capable of being published.  Saw at least 4 but using the Graeme B  Auditors method of counting could have been as few as 2 but I think that if he gave me one of his suitable grilling casual conversations and I could explain that Mr Sedgydoneemin could see 2 about 30m away from where I was actually photographing 2 then it could possibly pass scrutiny.

A final picture of my first Velvet Scoter of the year which came quite close 
whilst doing a bit of Seawatching

BTW any comments made about others in this blog are done purely in a humorous  piss-taking manner unless of course if you are a dog owner who cant keep his dog under control and doesn't pick up its crap or a rider of the noble breed who thinks they have right of way everywhere.

p.s.  More pics to come, you lucky people
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