Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lots of S**t Again

Yet another member of the Horsey set who can't read/interpret signs and the s**t carried on for many metres into the reserve.  
You have to manoeuvre through the entrance to the reserve so it is impossible to miss the sign.

The wander round Big Waters on Sunday didn't produce anything outstanding but there was plenty to see, the highlights for me were the 10 Snipe on the North Scrape and the general increased gathering of the Ducks, especially Gadwall and Wigeon but there is a definite absence of Shoveller and Teal but hopefully they will arrive soon.  A couple of pics from the day just to add a splash of colour 

Part of the North Scrape, looking good, with a few Snipe on, 
now where are the rest of the waders? 

There are still 2 pairs of adult Mute Swans around each with 4 young who are just starting to flex their wing so I don't think it will be long before they are airborne, especially as one of the adults takes off and flies around over their heads then lands back in front of them.

Watched a nice flock of Goldfinch Greenfinch (thanks for pointing that out Alan)flitting around by the entrance to the reserve

As previously mentioned quite a lot of Wigeon around but mainly in front of the reeds, best viewable from the 1st Hide but the occasional one pops out into the shadows for a slightly closer view

Several small bunches of Gadwall flying around giving some great views

Not a bad weekend but went home early to try and identify some more moths (although the promise of a Mega Sunday Lunch might have helped), failed miserably, so put the trap on overnight and on Monday Morning had 6 Moths, 6 different species but only recognised one, a Large Yellow Underwing which flew off but managed to get a picture of 4 of the others, none of which I had seen before so thats another 4 pics to the "Moths I Don't Know" folder.  

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