Friday, 11 October 2013

The Last Week

As the nights draw in and its dark when I set off for work my birding time is limited to weekends but I did get out for an hour on Tuesday night after a Big Waters 1st was reported by 2 people, a Yellow-browed Warbler and a Ring Ouzel.  Unfortunately no sight or sound was had, mind you I have been know to miss the odd bird, but Graeme B was also there so if he hadn't heard or seen then it wasn't showing.  I did get out last weekend with Mr Sedgedunemallin Warbler on Saturday and had planned to go to the Mothing Session at East Chevington but a slight problem on the car parking at home caused me a bit of a problem.  We bumped into a few people we hadn't seen for a while, you know who you are (I cant remember if I did) but special greetings to 3 nice guys who I should see more ofter, Terry C, Nigel and Peter F who I hardly get to see although his patch is next to where I bird mainly.  All 3 of them are true gentlemen.  On Sunday I did my usual wander round Big Waters with Alan J, Ian D and Alan F back from an enforced absence due to work and holidays in Malysia (I think), isn't life hard.  Anyway here are a few pics to tittilate the masses that flock to my blog.

During the week I decided to go to work early but when I was passing Macydees the lure of a Latte and a Bacon Roll was too tempting so after purchasing them I went down to the Tyne to have a hearty breakfast.
Some great lighting at that time of the morning but not many birds (Sad Face)

Saturday we arrived at the coast just after dawn as the sun was absolutely blinding but stunning.

At Druridge we saw the Subalpine Warbler from a distance but had some great view thru optics but it just didn't come close enough for my little lens although I was standing next to Derek B when he took his picture which appeared on Bird Guides Review of the Week, mind you he had a bigger one than mine which was much more quicker and louder so was bound to get better results.

Also viewing the Subalpine Warbler was this delightful Silver Y (go on someone tell me I'm wrong) which hung around for a little while

Entertaining us whilst the Warbler was skulking in the bushes was a Kestrel which did a fair bit of hunting whilst birds flocked around it

Sunday and I was at

where once again the main attraction was the Wigeon and the Gadwall which were there in impressive numbers.

who after a bit of exercise and a quick snack resorted to their normal postures

The most active birds on the pond were the young Swans who had a few attempts at flying then gave themselves a round of applause afterwards

Its the 2nd time I have posted a shot down this lane but I can't but help like it and I reckon it will get more impressive as the autumn colours arrive

The Pile of Shite that I first posted about on 15 Oct 12 has at last been reduced to this
It puzzles me as to why they didn't take the last little bit and put it on the field directly behind the trees where they put the rest.  

I also dropped into Howdon Wetland on my weekly trip where things are beginning to liven up with at least 15 Grey Herons although there was a report of 19 in the book, the Redshanks are returning as well as the Teal and Curlews.  Nice displays by the Kestrel and some lovely aerobatics by a flock of Lapwing which kept it up for some 20mins.  The water is now at a great level over the ground in front of the hide and has had some largish amount of birds there, unfortunately I have missed them but will be there again this weekend.

ps.  haven't had time to check spelling, grammar as some of us have to go to work, so any complaints please send to Mr R. Bin

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