Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"No, its much bigger, like an Eagle"

I got home and the camera was thrust into my hand, "Please tell me I got some decent shots" she quivered, just like she normally does when dinner is served awaiting for the master of the house's approval. (Yea, Really) Is it another Sparrowhawk I enquired, "No, its much bigger, like an Eagle".  The excitement was building up so I only looked at the last picture which was of my neighbours patio.  She explained that it was flying away so might have missed it with the last shot.  Into the card reader  and a quick bit of cropping and  here are a few of the "Eagle" pictures.  Carole said that it was being attacked by 2 Crows for a few minutes before diving into the garden where it stayed for 3-4 minutes.  Wonder if it is the same one that was lost in Wallsend in May 2012.  Anyway when I explained it was a Harris Hawk Carole was a little bit disappointed but its another one that she has seen in the garden that I haven't so she is quite happy with that.  She is even asking when are the first Waxwings and Bramblings due.

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