Friday, 1 November 2013

Big Waters Double Header

A couple of trips to Big Waters at the weekend was all I could fit in with a couple of other home and family commitments taking a chunk of my limited free time.  Saturday I went round with 
John A then a quick drop into Gosforth and Killingworth and home by 3.  On Sunday I headed off a bit earlier courtesy of the clocks going back and had a wander round Big Waters public end by myself then into the 2 hides and stayed there till midday.  Alan J and Ian D arrived quite early as they did the short walk quite fast due to the weather.  I told them I was not leaving the hide when I spotted them at the bottom of the pond, even though it was quite bright then, but the Met Office was spot on for a change when it started to rain and the wind picked up just after 10am.  That is basically what I managed to fit in during the weekend, terrible isn't it ?  Anyway here is a few pics that I managed to snap during the 2 bits of the days I was out.

Couple of nice panoramic views of Big Waters

The views could have been nicer if these 2 Numpties in the following video could have taken my camera onto the island and did a full 360 degree sweep, but then again the camera would have been ruined by the pillock who decided to go swimming

p.s tried hard to think of a reason to show my favourite video once again
and I came up with this

On Sunday morning I found this outside the 1st Hide which some Ars**ole/s had set off probably the previous evening.  No wonder the inhabitants of the lake were jumpy.  Also found were many of those red plastic launchers you stick in the ground to keep yourself safe when you ignite rockets and fireworks.  Now I could think of a better place to use as a launcher, could you?

What the well groomed Cormorant is wearing this year

In comparison a stunning looking Mute Swan in lovely light just putting the final touches to itself after a brief flight across the width of the lake achieving a staggering maximum height of about 2m

Little Grebe with one of the several fish he caught, cleaned/played with then devoured

Another picture of a Water Rail, one of 3 different onesI saw in front of the Main Hide and heard at least 1 if not 2 others on the North Scrape

Then there was this Gull on the right hand side of the island which was the centre of conversation for a while amongst those knowledgeable experts whilst I sat back and did a few hmmms and aaaws and mentioning its long legs and tried to sound knowledgeable as well but probably failed miserably

Another Little Grebe in front of the Main Hide, now they always deserve an Aaaaaah

5 of the 6 Whooper Swans that I managed to get a blurry picture of  through the
trees as they flew above us.

The water has risen quite a bit as you can see from the bridge over the dipping pond

Quite a few Yellowhammers and Greenfinches in the big flock that feeds on the fields to the North of Big Waters.  After reading Peter's Blog I wonder if they are flitting between the 2 patches and possibly elsewhere.

Finally the inevitable video, this one is of a Shoveller on the the scrape
 with lots of other wildfowl buzzing around

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