Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lesser Grey Shrike At The Long Nanny

Saturday morning Sedgedunum Warbler and I headed up North stopping at Cresswell to once again admire the gorgeous Stonechats when a Tinkle on the old Batphone informed us that the Lesser Grey Shrike was still at the Long Nanny so off we went.  When we arrived we were ready for a long walk but as it says on the tin the quote in Bird Guides that it was next to the Carpark was so right, I could actually see it as I opened the door.  There was already about a dozen Birders there but the numbers increased steadily and others came and went.  We stayed for a couple of hours taking in the the delights of the bird and chatting to Birders we knew and others who we did not which is always part of the fun of the "Twitch".  I took what I thought were some great shots for a change but alas when I got home and put my card in the reader it failed and after a bit of savage beating of the temple I managed to recover the files from the card but nearly all were damaged although about a dozen did manage to extract but they were from shots early in the session but the best ones were from right at the end.  Well thats Showbusiness  Photography.  So here are a couple of them.

I also managed to extract a couple of other shots from the day off the ruined card of a Kestrel and a Stonechat and about 4 of the Starling Murmuration at East Chevington again although I liked that one the best (it does look much better on a full screen)

Finally I did take a few short videos of the Lesser Grey Shrike with my "Toy Video Camera" so for your delights here are a couple of small compilation videos.

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