Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rememberance Sunday- Birding and Memories

Managed a few hours at Big Waters last Sunday morning before heading into Newcastle
for the Rememberance Ceremony.  So here are a few pictures from the day

It was a bit of a cold start to the day

Then when I got to the first hide I was suprised to see John B had beat me to it.  Hadn't seen him for a while so a bit of a waffling session ensued and kept me there for a couple of hours.  The lighting was changing all the time as the Rising Sun was coming up between different layers of cloud, changing the appearance of the lake every few seconds.

The Buzzard was back in its usual spot being mobbed on occasions by 1 or more Crows

For a change the Great Crested Grebe came close enough to get a couple of photographs

Then after getting a couple of flight shots I headed off to Newcastle stopping off to see Alan, Ian and Keith to explain my reason for absence on the walk.

At Newcastle I bumped into a friend who I hadn't seen for 30 years, good luck Ray and thought of some of my friends who I had shared moments with, Taff, Macs, Jean, Bleep, Roger and one friend who I bumped into on and off throughout my career and have bumped into him once again on the net, must talk more Jim.

Finally, a short video of part of the departure of the parade from the centre of Newcastle

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