Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wet Saturday But A Great Patch Tick

A trip up to Big Waters with John A on Saturday morning, first of all stopping at Killingworth, first for a Latte then to enjoy it watching the pond which was absolutely full of life all at the car park end then when a lady turned up with a bag of feed we realised why.  It was great watching them get fed, a few Goldeneye, loads of Tufted, Swans galore, innumerable Coots, a mental Goose and a couple of dozen Canadas, unfortunately no Goosanders.  After an interesting chat with the lady who was dispensing the food on some of the Swans we headed up to Big Waters and straight into the First Hide as it was now drizzling quite heavily.  We were joined after a while by Keith, then Alan J, then finally Ian arrived.  Alan left and headed to the main hide as it was a bit crowded.  15mins after he left Keith shouted BITTERN and I managed to see it over the last part of the lake as it settled down into the reeds.  A great tick as I hadn't seen one on the patch since since my first sighting since 2012.  We then all left to join Alan J, who unfortunately, hadn't seen it (hope he has by now).  John and I stayed for a while then headed up to Prestwick Carr, after a comfort break at Hazelrigg Chippy, for a short wander then the rain got a bit heavier so we headed home.  Here are a couple of pictures from the day although my camera didn't come out of the bag much and I think John's didn 't come out at all

Not a very good impersonation of a BHG
 Another Redpoll in the Feeding Station
 Then trying the other way up
2 of the 5 Deer we saw during our visit

Then up to Prestwick Carr where apart from a Snipe, Chaffinch, Great Tit and Wren and the following nothing much was seen at all

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