Friday, 31 January 2014

Big Water Visit (but not much else)

Having spent only just over 2hrs birding all weekend due to a combination of things, weather, John a bit bad, a couple of meals out, shopping and a general feeling of YUK the only thing I have to report is seeing the Glossy Ibis on Saturday as we went for a drive before going into Blyth for a meal and on Sunday I had a couple of hours in the hides at rain sodden Big Waters being joined by Keith for the last hour before we both headed back home to do some non birding chores.
I did take a couple of pictures but was so unimpressed and downhearted about the weekend I only just bothered to look at them last night.

Lets hope the water is a bit lower this weekend coming.

The Otters still causing continual movement around the pond 

Two of the 11 Juvenile Swans still resident on the pond only taking the odd practice 
flight as far as I can see 

I started this small blog 3 days ago and have just got up the enthusiasm to to finish it, lets hope that the small flock of about 10 Goldfinches that seem to have taken up temporary residence in the tree outside my office will waken me up out of my doldrums.  I might even get to see some of the birds in the garden this weekend as leaving at about 6.30 and not getting home till after 6 means I HAVEN'T seen any of my beloved House Sparrows.   Roll on Feb 2016, retirement month, its not that I don't like my job, I actually love it (the boss might read this, bless her cotton socks)  but work is definitely the curse of the birding class.  

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