Monday, 10 February 2014

A Not Very Mobile Weekend

A couple of trips to Big Waters again this weekend produced a couple of new patch ticks, the first Oystercatcher of the year and a couple of Drake Goosander.   The Green-winged Teal was out and about both days and the appearance of a couple of Otters had it moving around quite a lot so we spent a lot of time re-locating it.  It does tend to end up back at the North (Alan's) Scrape though.  A Willow Tit eventually showed itself in the feeding station on Sunday although we did have a single Redpoll on Saturday.  Whilst I was there on Thursday afternoon I also saw a life tick for big Waters in the shape of a Red-legged Partridge crossing Alan's Scrape with a couple of Male and a Female Pheasant.  Simon had also seen the same bird more than likely earlier on  in the day.  

Green-winged Teal in flight after being disturbed by Otters

And being disturbed  from the reeds by Otters also

The first Oystercatcher of the Year

The Island's Inhabitants

A Flock of over 300 BHGulls arrived but nothing else with them

Having a sore leg after a slight accident at work I didn't do much working but spent most of the time in the hides (pretty cold).
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