Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Big Waters - Otter and Scaup

Monday morning and up early to see what the Birthday Fairy had brought me, the presents were great (thanks) but each year the cards decrease and the number of "Happy Birthdays" on Facebook, Emails get more as technology advances.  Thanks to everyone especially those ones who came round to visit me.  Anyway on instructions from "er indoors" I was sent off to Big Waters to see what was going on.  The light was great but 2mins after I arrived an Otter swam across the lake and everything flew off down the East side so very little photo opportunities.

The Otter goes across the front of the hide looking at the Ducks on the North Side

It then heads towards them

Then off they went

Then it dives and repeats the process many times sending all the duck
down the bottom of the pond

Then after a wait I decided to head down to the 1st Hide as the majority of the
inhabitants had not bothered to come back up the top of the pond.  Ian was in the
1st hide and pointed out that the Scaup, which had been way down the bottom of the
pond, had come slightly closer, although still not near enough for a decent picture.

I did get to see a bit more of it though when it decided to fly off and return to its normal
far off location

Finally the inhabitants on the island today

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