Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Still haven't managed to get to Big Waters to see the Green-winged Teal  due to the curse of the birding class (work that is for those who didn't read my previous blogs) but hopefully it will stay another day so I can get up to see it tomorrow afternoon.  Had a nice wander round on Saturday and Sunday but nothing new for the year although we did see a few things and with a bit of sunshine for a change managed a couple of decent"ish" pictures (Dont Laugh).  

More and more Lapwings trying to get on the island in between the BHGs 

The Wigeon are now getting a bit amorous

The Cormorants are getting quite active now

Anyone see a Green-winged Teal here ? 

Compo ?  how dare you call me that, its all designer gear ALTHOUGH THE STUBBLE ISN'T 

Slightly blurred (as usual) but I only managed to get 3 shots off before it vanished 

We are supposed to be looking at you, not you looking at us 

Only 1 shade of Grey

Another impressive looking Cormorant 

This is where the picture of the
Green-winged Teal 
will go tomorrow

Well I said I would put them here but as you can see it is a fair distance away and not being the owner of an SX50 my little 40x Zoom Panasonic video came into play and a few stills from it were the best I could manage.  I would have put the video up but the language was a bit choice most of the time from the occupants of the hide

ps: private viewings of the videos or a copy of the soundtrack can be bought for a few pence

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