Saturday, 1 March 2014

Back Home and Back To Big Waters

Just got back from West Lancs where I have been working for a few days although I did manage an hour or so at Martin Mere and a couple of hours or thereabouts at Leighton Moss.  Will look through the photos early next week but here are a couple from, where else but, Big Waters last weekend.

The usual picture of the island which was showing a bit more than the last couple of weeks

Also managed to do a few videos with my new Lumix DMC FZ72 60x Zoom 
so here is a bit of video overkill

Otters at Big Water

Green-winged Teal at Big Waters

A Pleasant Sunday with loads and loads of Ducks

Next blog will hopefully contain a few more letters and words (probably not in a coherent order) 
as I know you all like to laugh at my valiant attempts to create interest with a dash of humour.
Believe it or not its 7am and I am heading back to bed for an hour as I am a bit tired.  The cats got me up demanding food so I just had some tea and toast and finished this blog off.  Who could turn these 2 elderly (both 20) beauties, Tigga and Sox, down.

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