Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Red Kite - A Patch Lifer

A new patch lifer on Sunday for myself and the first one seen for quite a while for the others, Graeme B, Ian D and Keith B, on our Sunday walk round.  We were about an hour and a half into the walk when Graeme received a text from Alan Tilmouth (thanks Alan) saying he had just seen a Red Kite heading towards Big Waters.  We immediately turned left took a couple of steps and all raised our Binoculars and within a few seconds we were all on it, quite a distance away, but no doubt about it.  It did come a bit closer but kept a bit South but not to far to get another bad picture of a great bird for us.

There was 2 bit of bad news about the sighting, the first was Alan J had stayed in to sort out a leak in his loft, although we did keep him updated from the minute we saw it and that despite a couple of calls and texts to Peter F saying it was heading towards Prestwick, he was stuck in some sort of traffic problem and didn't get back to see it.

The island inhabitants this weekend

As mentioned previously I was In Lancashire last week working but did manage to pop in to a couple of places for a bit of light relief so here are a couple of short videos

Snipe and Marsh Harrier at Leighton Moss 

Martin Mere in Lancashire at Dusk

and a couple of associated photographs, first from Martin Mere

and secondly from Leighton Moss

Whilst trying to do the above and other things this morning I was as usual hampered by
my beloved Sox and Tigga although Tigga didn't join in till I finished videoing, maybe he doesn't like Rammstein !

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