Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Scaups and Pretend Scaups,

A few pictures from last week in which I got out a couple of times at the weekend, Saturday with John A and the Long Walk around Big Waters with the normal bunch minus Alan F but included  Tony B as a guest Coffee Maker, minus the coffe and a couple of mornings at the Tyne Bridge and Howdon Wetlands.

Thought I had discovered a Scaup at Howdon Wetlands for a short while, thought it didn't look right but that Blaze was huge so after consulting with a couple of better birders than me (actually I just stopped a couple of people at random in Northumberland Street in Newcastle showed them the picture and they pointed out that apart from the Blaze everything said Tufted)

This is a Scaup at Big Waters taken later on in the day

One of many stunning Dippers on the Derwent

 He walked past without even noticing such a stunning bird within 10ft

Long-tailed Tit more intent on food allowing me to get quite close

A couple of different looking shots of a Nuthatch than normal

The small tree growing out of the large one is an Elder.  My expert who I keep on retainer for information on botany thinks that the larger tree is an Ash but he is not 100% sure on that.   Well, if one can only pay peanuts you cant expect 100% accurate info.

This little stunner was going at it like the clappers at Howdon Wetlands

A military bird over Big Waters

Nearly at the end now.  One of my favourite birds returned to the Tyne in good numbers just under a couple of weeks ago so here are a couple of photos from amongst the couple of 
hundred I took just for the hell of it looking for something different.  There is a 
specific shot I want but it is just so hard to get but I will persevere.

Finally, the best moment of the week was seeing our latest
 Great Grandson Evan who was born last Friday.  We also
had another arrival of our latest Great Grandaughter, Hayley 
down in the deep deep south (Portsmouth).

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