Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bloody Mist

Didn't see much at the weekend due to the most prolonged mist I have seen for a long time.   On Saturday I headed to the moors with Sedgeedunemin Warbler and on Sunday I did a quick trip on my lonesome to Howdon and a wander round Big Waters on Sunday with Alan J, Ian D and Keith B.  The company made up for the lack of views (especially the trip to Howdon, wink wink).   Here are a few pictures taken through the mist.

On the A68 about a mile from the turnoff for Slaley 3 fields full of Common Gulls, at least a couple of thousand if not more with the odd BHG and LBBG thrown in

Lots of Snipe were seen a few posing on posts and were quite accommodating if you stayed your distance unfortunately as you sat there at the side of the road trying to see things through the mist some bloody lunatic would pass you trying to break the Sound Barrier in mist that you couldn't see 20m and the Snipe would be off

Ditto comments from above for the Pipits but replace post with walls

You can't visit the moors without putting the mandatory pics of the Grouse in

As we crossed back into Northumberland a distant first glimpse of the year of a Wheatear

We then partook of sustenance in Hexham with the aforesaid sustenance being purchased from a hostelry, not the best and a very small portion of fishcake and chips, purchased from a very sour faced lady and having to hand over many more shekels than normal means it's mention in my version of Michelin will only be short and uncomplimentary.  After eating we wandered along the Tyne for 10mins where 6 Goosanders and at least a dozen Mallards were the highlights.  Heading home earlier than usual, John had to check his horses (didn't even know he owned any stables) we dropped in at Killingworth where we bumped into Andy S, Joe D and Michael F who were trying to increase their new North Tyneside List.  Wonder if this Surf Boarding Mallard will get onto their list

Several pics of Big Waters, shrouded in mist (I even altered exposure and brightness but it didn't do much good) didn't see much but heard a few things, sometimes courtesy of Alan and Keith's ears but still a good morning

Everybody should photograph webs with Dew on, they are fascinating

Just as it was time to go the mist started lifting

A couple of lumps in the Dipping pond

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