Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Wryneck or Two

Straight after work yesterday I shot off to St Marys at Whitley Bay and within 30 mins I was onto the Wryneck.  Absolutely great views and it didn't seem phased at all by 6 of us who stood around quitely chatting, watching and taking pictures.  After about 25mins it flew to another spot about 20m away so the others left, Joe D, Andy S and Michael F going for a look for the Redstart.  I stayed for another 10 mins watching the Wryneck and looking for the Redstart also when Michael F came back and asked if I had the Wryneck under view since he left, which I certainly had then he told me they had another under view over the other side so off we went.  I got some longish distance views, about 100m (look at the end of the video) and then when it flew off we all went walkabout again.  I picked up on a Brambling in the tree calling and went to tell the others and they had heard it also and eventually came into view for a while then flew off.

Some great views and photos with the inevitable video thrown in.  Here are a couple of shots, still got to sort them out yet and the video

Unedited shot in which you can just make its tongue about to strike
Look at the end of the video for this sequence in which it takes
half a dozen insects

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