Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saturday Around The Doors (as John A would say)

Have been too busy birding to sit and wade through the masses of pictures and videos but eventually got a couple of hours last night.  First of all a few pictures and videos from Saturday

Early morning stare out at Killingworth

Common Tern having a turn round Killingworth on Saturday

Sedgie in the gold of the morning at Cresswell

Great White Egret performing well for the public at Druridge

Note the bit hanging from the centre top bird, I saw it several times in a couple of hours
and it had the same bit hanging down at the same angle

Bit of a distant Little Gull at Cresswell

 Standard Wheatear pose at East Chevington

Now for a few videos

Firstly a couple of nice sequences of the GWE at Druridge

More for the sound than the sight 
(just love bird song, pity I cant identify them like others)

A greedy Common Tern who nearly bit off
more than it could chew

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