Friday, 18 April 2014

Arcot and Big Waters During The Week

Couple of days off work on Wednesday and Thursday had me wandering around on my lonesome as the Sedgie Warbler was in Wales on a break with the family so off I went and saw a few birds, took a few pictures and chatted to that well known master of the english language, Mr Liverbirder, and a new birder I met (Hi Paul) at Sunny Arcot.

Song Thrush normally heard all over but very high in the trees, today quite low but no song

This prospective Mrs Blackcap was listening to a couple of Mr Blackcaps singing

This little Gropper stayed at Home and wouldn't come out to sing

But the following 2 did, as well as a third, see video underneath

Finally, after the bad news from Big Waters at the beginning of the week we did manage a few new ticks which cheered us up, the first Common Tern of the year, extremely bad picture below

Also managed a Wheatear today, which Alan got yesterday but failed to find the Redstart he spotted also.

And for those who haven't had enough of the Chiff Chaffs melodious call here it 
is just for you with accompanying video

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