Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vandalism at Big Waters

On Sunday night the hides at Big Waters were vandalised. 
I wont go into great detail but basically they came on Sunday evening and on Monday Alan found that Hide 1 had been attacked with a Crowbar (1) but they had failed to get in but they eventually got in through the disabled access (2 and 3) but did not damage the inside of the hide.  They also attempted to get into the main hide via the roof but failed due to their being an internal roof (4) which Alan has already repaired (5).  They even smashed the lock on the gate which they could have easily just climbed over (6).  They also set fire to the reeds by the viewing platform (7).  They then returned for a second bout of vandalism on Tuesday evening, entering through the disabled shutter  that Alan and Dan had attempted to make secure on Monday and they used bits of reed, bits of shutter and the seats to start a fire inside Hide which caused only minimal damage (8&9).
They also made a second attempt to set fire to the reeds, see the foreground patch in front of the viewing point which had not been there the day before.

The 1st Hide has now been closed












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