Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Langdon Beck

Had my first ever SDHC Card failure on Sunday and even after trying to recover it with RECUVA which has a shown a 90% success rate in the past I only managed to recover less than a dozen pics from some 200 that I took.  I had taken a few pics and vids with my lumix so here a couple of shots and a couple of vids from the weekend plus one from the Derwent a couple of weeks ago that I have just managed to get around to looking at.  I still haven't looked at the pics I took at Big Waters on Sunday yet so at least you will be spared them (but not for long).    Some of the standard birds you see around there are:

Meadow Pipit

Distant Golden Plover

Common Snipe (which were plentiful)

Now a few videos starting with what most people head there for

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