Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Bridge and a Garden

On Friday before work I went onto the Tyne Bridge to see how
the Kittiwakes were getting on, too many nests to count was the 
answer so I just stood and watched from my favourite spot but
within a couple of minutes I realised that another 2 nests had been
built just inches from my feet so had to move back a bit.  This made
my thoughts on the nests being more numerous a definite in my 
opinion although I still await the official figures from whoever does
them.  I also noticed 2 more Kittiwakes with rings on in various places
dotted around the area but was unable to get the scope on them to
try and obtain numbers.

Now its nowhere near DSLR quality but its amazing how decent a picture you can
get with the new long range lenses  (Panasonic Lumix 60) especially in good light.
Now I just need to get Lightroom or some such other super post production piece
of software to help make my pictures better

One of the Kittiwakes I spotted with a ring on but even the power of a 60x zoom
was still a "Bridge Too Far"

Back in the garden on Friday night after work sitting with a nice cuppa
watching mainly House Sparrow, Starlings, Blue Tits and various Gulls
dropping in for a feed is a pleasant way to end the day, especially when
there are young ones around

Then to round it all off a short video of the above

Note the use of a salvaged shopping basket so the little birds can 
feed in peace without being disturbed by the pigeons, Jackdaws,
Magpies, Blackbirds and Gulls.

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