Saturday, 7 June 2014

Its Video Time (with one super picture)

Just a couple of videos which I store on UTube (saves space on my computer 
plus they are instantly available wherever you are), can't recommend them 
enough, they are always available for help and their limited editing facilities
are great for anyone who just want to tidy things up without going into 
Speilberg epics

First is another one from Howdon Wetlands from last Sunday
For some reason one section of the video turned to black and
white (which looks quite nice really) although I have now realised
what I have done and hopefully will not do it again.

and then a small compilation from a visit to the Saltholme/Hartlepool
area by myself and my nice smelling companion (well he will be when
Madam Avon delivers his Skin So Soft)

One picture from Howdon Wetlands
(Thanks Andy)

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