Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Few More Snaps From The Weekend

I did get around a bit this weekend but without John on Saturday who was
suffering a bit from ............ (fill the blank spaces yourself) but even without
his advice (open up a couple of stops, look at the histogram, change to Portrait) 
I still managed to press the button occasionally so here are a few from my 
"Time Alone"

A Peppered Moth in the garden, quite common but a bit of a stunner

Going for the Artistic Shot

Then I came across a few Swallows

Saw 3 Hares today but this chap was the most obliging

I Luv the punkish hairdo

This Plant is just so gorgeous and always has something on it
(What is it and is it OK to plant in a pot in the garden)

Ahhhh Big Waters, don't you just love it

Then I hit the Farnes

You are lucky people, I have just noticed the time and have to go to work otherwise I would have got round to the 121 short movies I took over the weekend but haven't got round to yet

Enjoy your birding especially all you heading to Gosforth for the Little Bittern
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