Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bridled Tern - Farne Islands

Started off the day at Cresswell with several great sightings but this little 
beauty took the biscuit.  It reeled several times but only once did it show
itself, but I was ready for it (I was actually deleting bad shots when it started
and my camera was literally pointing at it and all I had to do was press
the button).  I am pleased it turned out so well so that AJJ can enjoy another
video of mine, especially one of a bird we have failed to spot on the patch
for the last 2 years

I then decided to head for the Farne Islands "just on the off chance" after the Bridled 
Tern was seen yesterday for a little while.  Had a great day with Andrew on 
Serenity II in the company of a few knowledgable people, especially Eric Barnes,
but with just 5 mins before getting on the boat for the return to Seahouses 
"Eagle Eye Eric" spotted it drifting in.  It was too far for the DSLR so the Lumix
 went to work.  All I managed was a couple of shots but just went for the video instead.


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