Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Few Things I Saw in the last 7 Days

Due to my absence working and family commitments I haven't published a lot so here are a few snaps from the last weeks or so that I particularly liked.

My first Water Rail at Big Waters for a while

Can someone point me the way to the water feature please

One of a pair of early morning Barn Owls

and Carole went aaahhhhhh aren't they lovely.... as we had an early morning drive around
the moors on the way to Langdon Beck

My first Common Blue of the year at Hauxley last Thursday

Then you flip it over and it is still a stunning thing

Elegance Personified

There were 20 swimming around with 1 adult and about 6 Grey Herons with Carole
whispering warnings to the Grey Herons what she would do to them if they came near
Its amazing how she reacts when young uns are around

Great White Egret at Hauxley with, I think, a fish stuck in its neck which was there for a while

Still quite a few around if you persevere

Some great views of Snipe near Cow Green

Yes John, I know I should have opened it a couple of stops

The Parent........
watching over their young 

Sat in the car for 10 mins with bins on the back seat (but couldn't reach) and the
scope in the boot, then I decided to exit the car (quietly) to get the scope but 
away it went, so no ring number

Small Magpie at Cresswell

Didn't ID the beastie in this Willow Warblers beak though, at Cresswell also

Its amazing what you can find without much looking.

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