Wednesday, 9 July 2014

After The Creepy Crawlies........

 After an enjoyable couple of hours at Howick gazing at Moths Galore
John and I headed down the coast towards Cresswell and Druridge.  The tide 
was well in so nothing was really viewable and the sun was now glaring and
hurting the eyes a bit, unlike when we passed by the North of Amble 
earlier in the morning to an absolutely stunning view

Down at Cresswell and Druridge we spent a great couple of hours just mooching around
and seeing plenty.  Once again a few pics tell the story

"I see no ships"

The Spoonbills were a bit closer and a bit more awake (for 5mins at least)

Plenty of Stonechats around also

This Tern had a severely damaged wing by the look of it and didn't move around at all

Then from out of nowhere a Little Egret appeared

A final mention to a new garden tick.  When I was emptying the Moth Trap
an unfamiliar call from the roof drew my attention to this charming little thing
sitting on my aerial

Finally the videos of the day (thats pictures that move Alan which give an impression of motion)

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