Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dropped into Big Waters yesterday afternoon as I was going
to miss the Sunday Walk due to attending a Mothing Day
at Howick, hosted by Stewart Sexton.  At 14.46 I receive an email
from AJJ telling me all the things I had missed cos I went mothing.
He must have shovelled down his dinner then immediately took to
the keyboard to do a bit of PeeTaking. 
I can handle it though
Anyway I did get to Big Waters yesterday and put in a shift looking
for the odd tick or so and one or two did come my way although just
being there, is in itself, an absolute treat.  Here are a couple of pictures
and a video of extracts from the afternoon

 Hang on kids, Dinner is Coming

A couple of Snipe were on the scrape although only this one was close enough for pictures

The Mallards go Mental as a Grey Heron comes looking for elevenses

The Heron eventually backs off looking dishevelled

But just when you thought it was safe 

Finally a compilation of a few things I saw during the day

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