Saturday, 5 July 2014

Its Feeding Time

At last I am getting round to putting up a few pictures and my video compilations from 
last week for your delight or ?.  

Where's Me Dinna ?

I'm full so I will just sit here and wait and look as elegant as ever

You two above are lucky, I'll have to get my own

My God, it feels like I have been asleep for ages, now where can I find Breakfast

No dinner yet, those 2 Lapwing frightened me a bit in that blog from this guy last
week, so it looks like I will have settle for him as he is pointing something at me
and you know how rude it is to point, grrrrrrrr

Well, here are the videos I promised, always keep the best to last

Last but definitely not the Least
the Fabulous Big Waters

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