Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Peregrine's Breakfast

Absolutely stunning views of this amazing predator this morning through the binoculars and the scope but it never came within within 200 metres that is why the pictures and video are so bloody awful.  I got out of the car and walked through a gap in the hedge and the first thing I noticed was feathers floating down and it only took a couple of seconds before I spotted the  Peregrine heading off to one of its lairs for a tasty takeaway.  Unfortunately cameras were in the bag and the scope wasn't on its tripod but at least I had some good views through the bins.  After a couple of minutes I was ready and waiting but all it did was stand and devour its prey then after 15 mins of tugging and chewing it took off and headed to another inaccessible place taking with it the remainders of breakfast for ............  What a start to the day

The video was shot at 300x as you might have guessed but thats life.  


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