Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Grey Wagtail at Last (Hooray) On A Windy Sunday at Big Waters

Sunday went for the normal walk around Big Waters with Alan J and Ian D but the wind was a bit strong so we decided to search the protected areas hoping that something had tucked themselves away from the wind.  Quite quickly we realised this was the best ploy as we managed fleeting glimpses of a Spotted Flycatcher, a couple of Goldcrest and quite a few other birds.  A few Butterflies were also on the wing in the protected areas and a few Odonata were as well.  We did this for about 2 hours and then headed for the hide to get out of the wind which seemed to be picking up even more.  All the Ducks were taking cover on the scrape next to the hide making it easier to count for a change.  Also there was a solitary Teal and a couple of Snipe which all in all made for quite a nice morning.  As usual here are a few snaps from the outing

They were tucked away in the stubble field keeping their
head down out of the wind with another 3 just metres away

This Southern Hawker came very close to us in their normal
inquisitive style carrying what looked like a butterfly/moth which
at times appeared white/yellow then landed and proceeded to 
devour it in what seemed seconds

This male Migrant Hawker (pretty sure it is a Migrant) just wanted to get out of the wind (like everything else) and put its feet wings up

 Several Goldcrests were calling but only managed a shot of this one

Blackbird devouring his own personal stash of berries and when we returned later and came close a couple of times he did fly in to see what we were up to

I think this is a Ruddy Darter even though it is not the normal deep shade of red but has the pinched waist and the black legs 

Grey Wagtail in the spot where Alan has been telling us is the right place for it for years (ps he missed it and so did I, congrats to Ian for spotting it)

Just for you know who - Devils Scabious (his favourite flower)

Nary a day goes by without one of these little buggers putting in an appearance
and causing mayhem on the pond

Finally a couple of butterflies
Speckled Wood

and everyone's favourite the Red Admiral

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