Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back to Big Waters

Up to Big Waters Saturday morning hoping to see the Black Tern that was
there on Friday afternoon but unfortunately it hadn't stayed overnight.  Still a
few Common Terns around but no young.  Wonder if the Otter that climbed 
onto the island at exactly 9.08 had anything to do with?  Plenty to see as 
a couple of Snipe prodded their way up and down the Scrape amongst the
Ducks and Swans who were having a bit of shelter from the wind that 
was picking up.  Lots of young Moorhens of various ages knocking around
and I saw at least 4 Water Rail young of varying stages and an Adult
wandering around but still very jumpy.  The Little Grebes were still on
their nest so hopefully a few little stripey things will be whizzing around soon.
A Sparrowhawk was having a bit of fun flying around and upsetting the smaller
birds which gave me a chance to see LBJs numbering well over the 100
lifting with quite a few of them being Greenfinches.  Had to leave about 11 but
managed 15mins with Keith who was one of the lucky ones to see the Black Tern.

Now I have my transport sorted out I should be back birding a bit more, in the
meanwhile here are a few things from today

Finally the videos, I am also including 2 I took 3 weeks ago which include some great 
Roe Deer shots and also the one from today with plenty of Water Rail on.

For those who are avid fans of Mr Sedgy Warbler they can hear his dulcit tones
on the first 2 videos giving an inadvertent running commentary even though he 
has asked me "Are you videoing" God bless his little big cotton socks.

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