Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bioblitz at Briardene

I attended the Bioblitz at Briardene, Whitley Bay on Saturday.  It was very
well attended with quite a lot of people volunteering themselves and their
expertise ( I contributed a little time and even littler experience and I learnt
a lot also.  I had some other commitments also so left at 2.30pm and came 
back at 7.30pm and stayed till 11pm enjoying immensly the moth-trapping
session.   The lunch break was great with copious amounts of coffee/tea and
the bacon butties and the hot dogs with just kept on coming.  The Friends of
Briardene certainly know how to look after you.  Didn't take many pictures
but here are a couple from the day.

Tree Wasp - there seemed to be an irruption of them
in the same place, looked very aggresive

A Pebble Prominent Caterpillar - an amazing looking creature

 One of the many lovely flowers I failed to identify

An even more amazing looking creature, a Puss Moth

A great little video

I did manage to get up to Big Waters twice this week, the first time to see the Black Tern as I dipped on the the one the previous week.  I did get some excellent views through the Bins and
Scope but it stayed up by the Hide feeding for over 90mins.  Got a couple of long distance
pictures, not even ones you could call a record shot, but sh*t happens.

Nice couple of shots of a Shoveller though.

One of the Otters which has been busy the last couple of weeks was casually swimming
around and it actually looked as though the Martins were giving it a bit of grief

Finally an end of evening shot - Just Lovely

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