Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Big Waters and Remberance Day

Bit restricted at the moment due to the husbandly chores of looking after a poorly wife who is recovering from an operation and doesn't have any use of her hands.  I know realise how hard it is for her to look after me, as she doesn't demand request a 10th of what I seem to do.  Anyway I can now use the Washing Machine and the Tumble Dryer and have even washed floors.  On Sunday she sent me for a couple of hours to Big Waters for the normal Sunday Walk which was really enjoyable as there was no wind, no rain and it was quite warm.  I did miss my early Sunday morning jaunt to Howdon Wetlands though.  Didn't do a lot of photography, just too busy looking at the scenery and listening to the chatter of the guys, nice to be out (happy grin on face).  So here are a couple of things we saw and I managed to get a picture of.

First of all this picture was taken last weekend but I have just got round to looking at them as I was only at Big Waters for an hour and a half as I went to the Remembrance Day Ceremony.  It is a snap of a Grey Heron, usually quite a graceful looking bird in flight but this time it was being hassled by Crows and wasn't its normal serene looking itself as it came into land

A Sparrowhawk on the North Scrape surveying its Killing Ground.  During the week a Sparrowhawk made 13 passes through the Feeding Station during a few hours someone was there.

Big Waters looking fantastic  

One of the 50+ Swans who are on a free transfer from Killingworth

The Cormorant numbers are building with (I think) up to a dozen being reported

A Buzzard being perpetually harassed as it goes about it's business

A flock of Long-tailed Tits gave us some delight as they made their way through the hedgerows when we were out walking.  Also saw a small flock of Siskin along with Chaffinches and others at the same location.

Still on my hunt for a great Shoveller shot.

At last the return of Canada Geese which have been missing off the monthly lists for a while

As I said above last week I went to the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cenotaph in Newcastle so for those of you who missed it or have an interest here is a video which I took to show Carole as she was a bit incapacitated and couldn't attend

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