Monday, 1 December 2014

Big Waters - Otters

Got out for a couple of hours yesterday to Big Waters where the sun was out for a while which made the walk even more enjoyable than usual.  Quite a lot seen but I will put a few pictures up later on.  On return to the hide the Mother Otter and her 2 Cubs were out playing but once again down near the island and at one stage all 3 were on the island so everything departed apart from a Swan which just looked at them with disdain and only seemed to get a bit concerned when they got close to her.  I took a video of some of it but it was from the back of the hide as I couldn't get a front row seat because of all the youngsters sitting there getting all excited watching them.  You will hear them in a section of the video but had to take out most of the sound due to ............  The youngsters in the hide included Alan J, Ian D, Keith, Graeme and Mick M who seems to split his time between home and hide equally.  So here is the video:

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