Friday, 6 February 2015

Big Waters 1 Feb 15

Just a couple of shots from my wander round Big Waters last Sunday

Couple of Redpoll (Lesser ?)

Bit windy up on top so all the Cormorants decided to stay low

Black and White (Howay the Toon)
or should we be cheering Rangers on now also?

Will not see Sea Kings for much longer as they are to be replaced by the new
Sikorskys.   Boulmer is to cease Search and Rescue with the nearest station (I believe) to be Humberside

Finally after returning to England in 1992, we  had lived mostly abroad since 1968, we got our first cat in June 1993, several others also lived with us for many years but our first, Sox, finally passed away on Thursday.  Its only a cat some people think but it actually lived with us in the house longer than any of our children.

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